This can be determined using a few different methods.


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21 for females.

Therefore, it depends on how you use the word “goose.

They are the best layers of all the geese, and weigh several pounds smaller than the Toulouse geese — averaging 10-15 pounds. Male and female Pilgrim geese have. Mar 14, 2019 · Originating in United States, the Pilgrim is slightly larger than the Chinese goose and one of the few domestic goose breeds that may be autosexed — the male hatchling is yellow and grows into white plumage, while the female hatchling is olive-gray and grows into gray plumage similar to the Toulouse, but with a white face.

8 pounds and has a much larger knob.

Eggs Laid: Approx. Domestic Swan Goose ( Anser cygnoides ) Another species of goose that has been domesticated is the Swan Goose, native to eastern Eurasia and sometimes called a Chinese goose. The Huoyan goose is noted for its ability to make good use of rough fodder and for its resistance to cold.

Male geese are more aggressive than female geese. Sebastopol geese are considered the most attractive and unusual geese breed because of.

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Their eggs weight 5-8 ounces and hatch in 30-32 days. Domestic geese can be any color between completely gray (wild type) to completely white, but they are always big and blocky with a different bill shape.

The new male Chinese geese is in love with the white goose. For that matter, there is a white variety of the African, but these are highly unusual.

Daisy (the one we believe to be female) is 8.
Daisy (the one we believe to be female) is 8.
During breeding season, that may be reduced (for the sake of getting a better fertility percentage) to a pair: 1 drake with 1 duck, or a trio: 1 drake with 2 ducks, or a pen: 1 drake for 3-5 ducks.


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I have two 18, almost 19 week old White Chinese geese. . 5 to 44cm in females.

A female goose (called a goose) weighs an average of 10 pounds, which is not much larger than one of. Chinese ganders weigh between 10 and 12 pounds on average, while the females weigh 8 to 10 pounds. Cotton Patch geese are a little less simple, as. The tail should be held high, and a high set tail is a good indication of vitality in ganders. Wingspan Adult white Chinese geese have a wingspan of between 160 and 185 cm (63 and 73 inches).

A goose ( PL: geese) is a bird of any of several waterfowl species in the family Anatidae.

Also, they lay fewer eggs than Chinese geese: 25 to 40 eggs per year for the African goose against 40 to 65, or, in extreme cases, up to 200 eggs per year for Chinese goose. The most popular breeds for small flocks are Embden, Toulouse, African, Chinese, and Pilgrim.


There are two main varieties of Chinese goose.


Other geese that can be used for meat and egg production are the African, Sebastopol, American Buff, Saddleback Pomeranian, Chinese, Tufted Roman, and Canada breeds, with the Embden, Toulouse, and African all attaining adult weights in excess of 19 pounds.

According to AvianWeb.